Sunday, January 27, 2013

BBC - Horizon: The Truth of Troy

Horizon: The Truth of Troy (2004) One of the greatest stories ever told, the legend of Helen of Troy has enchanted audiences for the last 3000 years. In 2004 the movie "Troy" was released, starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. But is there any reality to the myth? BBC's "Horizon" has unprecedented access to the scientist with the answers! Since 1988, Professor Manfred Korfmann has been excavating the site of Troy. He has never before spoken at this length. He has made amazing discoveries - how large the city was, how well it was defended and, crucially, that there was once a great battle there at precisely the time that experts believe the Trojan war occurred. But who had attacked the city and why? Horizon follows a trail of clues - the ancient tablets written by a lost civilisation, the sunken ship rich in treasure, and the magnificent golden masks and bronze swords of a warrior people. The film reaches its climax in a tunnel deep beneath Troy, where Korfmann has made a discovery that may reveal, once and for all, the truth behind the myth.

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