Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Wake of HMS Sheffield (1986)

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Parte 1 de 6 de un documental inglés del año 1986 sobre la guerra de Malvinas, en especial, al ataque al destructor tipo 42, HMS Sheffield.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

BBC Horizon - The Secret You

With the help of a hammer-wielding scientist, Jennifer Aniston and a general anaesthetic, Professor Marcus du Sautoy goes in search of answers to one of science's greatest mysteries: how do we know who we are? While the thoughts that make us feel as though we know ourselves are easy to experience, they are notoriously difficult to explain. So, in order to find out where they come from, Marcus subjects himself to a series of probing experiments.

He learns at what age our self-awareness emerges and whether other species share this trait. Next, he has his mind scrambled by a cutting-edge experiment in anaesthesia. Having survived that ordeal, Marcus is given an out-of-body experience in a bid to locate his true self. And in Hollywood, he learns how celebrities are helping scientists understand the microscopic activities of our brain. Finally, he takes part in a mind-reading experiment that both helps explain and radically alters his understanding of who he is.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam

Hindu Cosmology - Bhagavatam - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

Science and Vedic Knowledge

Science and Vedic Knowledge, Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are We Ready For the Coming 'Age of Abundance?' - Dr. Michio Kaku (Full)

Dr. Michio Kaku discussing economics, technology, and the future full video of conference/discussion.
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The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein

The core of the video is a workshop pedagogical on the Theory of Special Relativity as part of the educational process conducted by our youth leadership, not for the sake of understanding the theory itself, but using Einstein's particular discovery as a case study to demonstrate and walk people through real human thinking, as being something above sense perceptions or opinions. We end with reflecting on the principle of relativity in terms of social relations and individual identities or thought processes, asking the question --how was Einstein able to make his breakthrough?
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BBC Documentary - Stupidity "Full Movie"

This documentary about stupidity tells us the history of the word "moron", the difference between stupid, moron, smart, intelligent, genius and questions the regular practice of classifying peoples intelligence through standardized IQ tests. Of course also Mr. Bush is examined in this report. A well educated guy who, nevertheless, acts in a completely dumb way -- or at least wants us to believe so.
Albert Einstein said:
"Only two things are infinite the universe and stupidity.
and I am not sure about the former."
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BBC Dangerous Knowledge

This video has been removed from Youtube. We are sorry for the inconveniece caused.
At the same time you can enjoy some related videos.
Nugus / Martin Productions Heroes Of World War II The Man Who Hoodwinked Hitler On 30 April, 1943, the body of a Royal Marines officer was found drifting off the coast of Huelva, Spain. Attached to his belt was a briefcase containing a number of classified letters... "The Man Who Never Was" is a nonfiction 1953 book by Ewen Montagu. Captain The Hon. Ewen Edward Samuel Montagu, CBE, QC, DL, RNR (19 March 1901 -- 19 July 1985) was a British judge, writer and Naval intelligence officer.


The Ghost in Your Genes

Today I Died - BBC Science Documentary

The science of death.
This BBC documentary is about the scientific studies of after death experiences. What happens after the body has stopped living? What experiences does the dying go through? Can the brain live on after clinical death or is it something else? What do we know about Consciousness? New science research reveals some startling findings.

The Aliens do not permit nuclear war

The Aliens do not permit nuclear war

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Spectacle of Star Death

Take a breathtaking journey into the future, five billion years from now, to see the ultimate fate of the Solar System. This gem from HubbleCast showcases stunning Hubble imagery of the death throes of Sun-like stars. The wreckage of these dying stars form the building blocks of new generations of stars.
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Physics / 100 Greatest Discoveries - Documentary [Full Length]

Discovery Channel | Scientists have transformed the way we think and live throughout the centuries. What are the most important scientific discoveries of all time? In no particular order, we present the top 100 in eight different categories.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

BBC Horizon - What makes us good or evil?

The difference between Normal People and Psychopaths
Broadcast 7th September 2011 on BBC2

What makes us good or evil? It's a simple but deeply unsettling question. One that scientists are now starting to answer.

Horizon meets the researchers who have studied some of the most terrifying people behind bars - psychopathic killers.

But there was a shock in store for one of these scientists, Professor Jim Fallon, when he discovered that he had the profile of a psychopath. And the reason he didn't turn out to be a killer holds important lessons for all of us.

We meet the scientist who believes he has found the moral molecule and the man who is using this new understanding to rewrite our ideas of crime and punishment.