Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Do Airplanes Stall?

This video has been removed from Youtube. We are sorry for the inconveniece caused.
At the same time you can enjoy some related videos.
An excerpt from King Schools' "Taming Stalls & Spins" course. Click here to purchase In this clip, John King explains how and why an airplane stalls. In KINGS Taking Stalls and Spins course, you'll quickly learn what causes a stall ... how it can transition to a spin ... how to instantly recognize & avoid situations that might result in loss of control ... & steps to take in the event you find yourself in a stalled condition. Dramatic in-flight video compellingly demonstrates the aerodynamics of stalls & spins during everyday flight. Understanding the nature of stalls and spins before you get in the cockpit makes it easier to recognize when you need to take action when you're in actual flight. A "must" for every pilot—regardless of your experience. For the complete King Schools selection, please visit


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